Published Work

North African henna business

Dune Magazine

Algerian Sheep Chronicles: From Wlad Jellal to El Harrach

Traversing Tradition

Legitimizing Indigenous Ancestral Knowledge in American Islamic Discourse
Papicha: The Muslim Damsel in Distress
Art as a Reflection of Civilization
The Coronavirus: A Muslim’s Perspective
Ramadan Traditions in the Casbah of Algiers
Until Death Do Us Part?
The Fine Line: A Critique of Doucouré’s “Cuties”
Mukbangs and a Culture of Gluttony

Los Angeles Business Journal

Business Slows for LA Funeral Homes
For Nonprofit Arts Organizations, Philanthropy Is Key to Surviving Covid
LA’s Oldest Toy Store Kip’s Toyland Still in Play After 75 Years

Athwart Mag

Sha‘bī & Tradition

The Outpost

Trump is talking about declaring ANTIFA a terrorist organization. A short history on terrorism law in the US, and why this would be a very dangerous development in an already dangerous situation.
Resisting racism of French police. Adama Traore was killed by French police 4 years ago. His family and many Africans are gathering to protest racist policing with a familiar colonial history.

Amazigh World News

Barbed Wire at the Border: Tin Zawatin
Protests in Tamanghasset for the release of activist Ahmed Lansari
Professor and Linguist Amina Mettouchi: Endangered Amazigh Languages
In Neo-Tifinagh, a Member of Moroccan Parliament addresses Minister of the Interior on the refusal of civil registration of Amazigh first names
Shaykh Si Hajj Mohand Tayeb introduces translated exegesis of the Quran into the Kabyle language
Madghis Madi reveals rare manuscripts belonging to the Ibadi Imazighen of Libya
Algeria to include more News Bulletins in various Amazigh Languages
Tinariwen performs at MNLA’s 4th Congressional Event in Kidal
Calls to UNESCO World Heritage to consider the Amazigh monuments in Frenda, Algeria

Dorchester Post

Annissa: “the opportunities Boston offers are not the same to everyone”
Learning about Dorchester Al-Quraan Islamic Center, services and community outreach
“We are not designing for people who are not here,” Jenn Cartee from GAMS
In pictures: Thousands gathered to celebrate Tet in Dorchester
“Satisfy your spirit” at the Dorchester Stitch House
Haitian immigrants now in limbo after plans to revoke Temporary Protected Status
Andrew Sharpe: “The need for the Caribbean community is great”
DotGreenway paves a path in Dorchester
Dorchester opens door to Puerto Rico

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