Jbel Sheshar

I belong to the Jbel Sheshar confederation, and more specifically I am of the Banu Amrane located in Djellal. This confederation, like many others, was defined by a semi-nomadic lifestyle and strong family ties. Djellal is at the heart of Banu Amrane known not only for its zkoukou (pine seeds), honey, orchard of figs, olives,... Continue Reading →

At Yiraten

The At Yiraten (Arabic Banū Raten) is a confederation in Great Kabylia, whose territory is bounded on the North by the Sebaou valley, in the West by Wādi Aisi, which separates them from the Banū Yenni, in the South by the district of the Ait Yaḥyā and in the east by the At Frawsen. Their hills yield olives,... Continue Reading →

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