The Abandoned Plateaus of Algeria: Economic Destitution in the northern Sahara

Following protests in Ouargla and Laghouat, Algerian authorities brought forth decisions which aimed to promote the economic integration of unemployed youth living in the Southern region (defined by the European Training Foundation as covering 10 provinces: Adrar, Laghouat, Tamanrasset, Biskra, Bechar, Ouargla, Illizi, Tindouf, Oued Souf, and Ghardaia). In common parlance, the idea of “North”... Continue Reading →

Between the Henna Lines with Kenza

Kenza B. was born in France, but her family is from Tizi Ghenif, Tizi Wezzu, Algeria, who moved in 1997. Kenza was born in 1998 and grew up in the suburbs of southern Paris. She studies computer science, and has transformed her side henna hobby into an admirable business. "I've always loved drawing and painting,... Continue Reading →

Jbel Sheshar

I belong to the Jbel Sheshar tribal confederation, and more specifically I am of the Banu Amrane located in Djellal. The confederation of Jbel Sheshar, composed of Shawi populations, includes the douars Taberga, Aliennas, Oulja-Sheshar and Khanga Sidi Naji. The fractions of the douar which have been rebellious are those of the Wlad Amrane and... Continue Reading →

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