Jebel Sheshar

I belong to the Jebel Sheshar tribal confederation, and more specifically I am of the Banu Amrane located in Djellal. The confederation of Jebel Sheshar, composed of Chaoui populations, includes the douars Taberga, Aliennas, Oulja-Sheshar and Khanga Sidi Naji. The fractions of the douar which have been rebellious are those of the Ouled Amrane and... Continue Reading →

At Yiraten

The At Yiraten (Arabic Banū Raten) is a tribal confederation of Great Kabylia, whose territory is bounded on the North by the Sebaou, in the West by the Wādi Aisi, which separates them from the Banū Yenni, in the South by the district of the Ait Yaḥyā and in the east by that of the At Frawsen, and... Continue Reading →

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